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It was a big day for the Mini fans. BMW India President Philipp von Sahr was to announce the launch of Mini Cooper 3 door and 5 door variant. The stage was looking exuberant with trance lighting and a fibreglass Mini rigged static on a wall, enjoying the flashes and awe of the media teams.


But the Mini-on-my-wall was just a small piece of what we were trusted with. Natura was hired by Showtime to be a part of this project as Rigging Safety Consultants and there was a definite amount of excitement in the air. The plan was to descend the new Mini from the top of the stage amidst grooving music and an electrifying dance performance.

The Fiberglass MINI rigged on the wall

And it was as perfect as an imagination! Philipp von Sahr stepped onstage and officially announced the launch of his new Mini Cooper variants. Immediately post the announcement, the DJ stepped on the beats and there was power on the stage. A well-choreographed group pepped up the act, followed by a sudden puff of air from the top. As heads turned skyway, the crowd could witness a dark object descending majestically. Cameras gained momentum as the new Mini Cooper, harnessed to perfection, lowered itself to the centre of the stage with smoke and awe. The dancers continued to crowd the car as Philipp walked towards his new pride. As he took the mike, another huge box next to him was lifted off, unveiling the 3 door variant as well.

Watch the video here.