Avishkar Tendle - Managing Director

A high-altitude Himalayan trek at the age of 10 was Avishkar’s first step into a life of adventure. Today, he is a well-respected Outdoor Educator and trained professional with more than 20 years’ experience in Outdoor Sports and Adventure Travel, and an intuitive grasp of how outdoor and adventure activities can engage with and affect the human psyche.

Forgoing a traditional education, Avishkar instead ensured that his passions turned into usable skill sets. He now holds qualifications in Himalayan Glacier Mountaineering from the National Outdoor Leadership School, USA; Mountaineering from the Directorate of Mountaineering and Adventure Sports, Manali; multiple specialized courses such as Rock Climbing, Solo Paragliding, and Ornithology; and is a certified Wilderness First Responder from Wilderness Medicine Insititute, USA. He has also taught at the prestigious Voyageur Outward Bound School in Montana, USA – an international organization for Outdoor & Experiential Education.

At Natura, Avishkar has taken his expertise with mountaineering equipment and techniques and adapted them to meet the needs of the live events and entertainment industry, among others. As a consequence of his professional training and expertise, Avishkar has a deep understanding of the need for safety-inherent procedures and is a strong proponent of stronger safety standards in the industry

As Managing Director at Natura, he is the driving force behind our approach to all things aerial and a respected voice calling for greater safety in a still-unorganized industry.

Gaurang Swarge - Director - Admin

With an impressive number of achievements to his name, such as developing software for the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) and being the Joint Secretary of Girivihar, one of India’s oldest non-profit Mountaineering clubs, Gaurang being the backbone of Natura since its inception is no surprise.

Following his MSc. in Computer Science, Gaurang took his life in another direction with qualifications in Mountaineering from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi; Rock Climbing and an advanced level of Sport Climbing from the Girivihar Foundation; a Stunt Rigging & Action course from Australia’s National Academy of Stunt Action & Rigging in 2013; and a Trip Leader’s diploma from the prestigious National Outdoor Leadership school, USA.

Today, Gaurang is an avid rock climber and a trained and qualified Rigger. In his spare time, he also volunteers as an instructor and organizer with Girivihar for rock climbing camps and trips. At Natura, Gaurang also oversees the day-to-day functioning of the business and has taken the role of custodian of all crucial financial and administrative affairs of the organization.

Maria Julia - Director

As a Director, besides streamlining the business operations and facilitating strong business relations with an eye to growth, Maria oversees Natura’s performance and its adherence to quality standards – in a word, she is Natura’s conscience!

Already playing the role of Head of Business Development at the Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company and having effortlessly turned something as ethereal as dance into a well-oiled business and creative brand, the esoteric pursuit of turning aerial rigging into a thriving business is completely Maria’s forte. Her knowledge of the challenges and processes in an unorganized industry, and her rapport with the entertainment and events world are just some of the things that make Maria an immense asset to Natura.

Business Development

Monil Gangar - Business Development Manager

Despite a degree in Commerce, Monil always yearned toward doing something unorthodox, which led him first to the amusement industry and eventually to Natura. Early on, he discovered his passion for organizing and executing events – he won an All-Round Student of the Year Award, was General Secretary of KJ Somaiya College, and was NIEM’s Event Manager of the Year 2011

As Natura’s Business Development Manager, Monil manages the Natura BizeDev team and aims to provide unmatched service and execution in the event industry, while constantly continuing to grow his network within the live entertainment industry

Surbhi Garg – Business Development Executive

An Arts graduate from Delhi University, where she was also the VP for Cultural Society for two years, Surbhi is professional dancer with more than 10 years’ training across multiple dance forms from Danceworkx. Her thirst to explore the exciting world of “backstage” brought her to Mumbai and then NIEM, following which she worked as an Artist Manager for two years at multiple companies.

Her growing inclination towards production finally led her to Natura where, as a Business Development Executive, Surbhi draws on her prior experience of the arts and performance to take that extra step in client servicing and business development

Shrirang Swarge – Digital Media Manager & Photographer

Originally from a hospitality background, with qualifications from Dadar Catering College (IHM Mumbai), the top hospitality institute in the country, Shrirang has since decided to pursue his dream of being a photographer. After a six-month stint at McDonald’s India as a Management Trainee to fund his first DSLR, he joined Natura as a photographer in November 2012.

Pursuing his love for visual content and technology, alongside his work, Shrirang made sure to do a post graduate Diploma course in Digital Marketing from the Don Bosco Centre for Learning. Today, he is responsible for all of Natura’s visual content and also handles Digital Media in its entirety – planning, strategizing and running all digital campaigns


Rohit Pote – Manager - Technical Operations

With close to a decade in the field of Adventure and Outdoor Education, Rohit has managed to create for himself a strong niche as flawless adventure activity support for outbound training programmes, thanks to an enviable reputation among senior facilitators and trainers for managing and executing the operations they design. As Project Manager at Natura, he is responsible for managing all aspects of Natura’s rigging projects.

Also a Wilderness Advanced First Aider, certified by the Wilderness Medicine Institute, USA, Rohit is a pure outdoors man at heart and has rock-climbed and trekked extensively throughout the Sahyadris.

Dilip Jadhav – Site Manager

A Wilderness First Aider, certified by the Wilderness Medicine Institute, Dilip is an avid rock climber and snake-rescuer in his spare time. Dilip has long and varied experience across many Outdoors-related commercial ventures involving high-altitude treks, corporate outbound training programs, and adventure-based TV shows production. At Natura, he plays the role of Site Manager, while also managing operations for most production-related adventure activities.

He has led high-altitude Himalayan treks and children’s camps for adventure organizations like Countryside, Idiscoveri and India Outdoors; worked as an adventure task designer, technical expert and safety consultant for ad films, television and movie productions including MTV Roadies (Seasons 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7), MTV SplitsVilla (seasons 1 & 2), Nat Geo’s Apollo Flight of the Hawkz, and even helped simulate the rock climbing scene from the movie Lakshya for Hrithik Roshan.

Anil Unde – Logistics Manager

Anil is a true-blue outdoors man – a professional trekker with 27 years’ experience in the field, paired with qualifications in Rock Climbing from Girivihar in 1994, and Mountaineering from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarakhand in 2006.

His exciting career life has seen him working as a Trainer with the Directorate of Adventure Promotion camps (Home Guards) from 1990 – 1999, Senior Outdoor Leader in a freelance capacity with multiple outdoor organizations from 1998 – 2014, Senior Outdoor Leader & Operations Head at Adventure High from 2000 – 2010, and one year as Logistics Head with Great Outdoors in 2010.

Anil works with Natura as our Logistics Manager and also heads the Permanent Adventure Infrastructure projects; he has already designed and constructed two artificial rock climbing walls with us.

Snehal Palkar – Asst. Site Manager

Following his passion for adventure, Snehal completed the basic and advanced Mountaineering course from NIM, Uttarkashi. Armed with these qualifications, he spent 12 years working as a freelance instructor for Corporate Outbound Training programmes with renowned organizations like High Places, One with Nature, and Destination Outdoor.

Snehal worked with Natura for five years as a freelance Rigger before recently accepting a full time position with us as Assistant Site Manager.

Shyam Sanap – Head Rigger

Beginning his climbing in 2002 and consistently continuing it for the last 12 years, Shyam is one of India’s strongest boulderers, and has contributed greatly to the country’s climbing scene by exploring climbing areas and opening new routes all over the country.

Shyam has competed and won zonal climbing competitions in India, organized by Girivihar, Petzl, etc., and now competes at the national level. He also holds the record of fastest ascent of Mt. Stok Kangri in Leh, India (summiting the peak in 23hrs 50mins). He was one of the first person in India to be sponsored by a French Mountaineering Equipment company Petzl in 2010 to attend and climb in their rocTrip in Mexico, and was also a member of the first and second high-altitude climbing expedition from India to the Himalayas, which opened virgin routes of 1,100m and 550m on Toro Peak and other surrounding peaks.

As Natura’s Head Rigger, Shyam draws on his experience as an ace climber and is responsible for and deeply involved in the execution of the most critical rigging projects for television and live stage productions.

Abhinav Pansare – Admin Executive/Operations

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications from Pune University, Abhinav’s first brush with adventure came with his first freelance job with India Outdoors, wherein he was a member of the technical support team creating and executing a waterfall rappelling setup. With his newly discovered enthusiasm for adventure, Abhinav worked on getting more involved and gaining experience in the world of climbing and adventure-based outdoor experiential learning activities. His freelancing work extended to include companies like Strawberry Outbound, Flying Banana, Adventure 7, Adventure High, and Natura.

This enthusiasm eventually drove him towards professional certification; today, he holds basic and advanced Mountaineering qualifications from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarakhand and a General Grade license from HamRadio India, and has also registered for a Search & Rescue Operations course at NIM.

At Natura, Abhinav is the Assistant Manager Administration and with him lays the financial responsibility, alongside an additional responsibility of being a flying winch operator.

Ali Abbas – Office Manager

Ali’s professional life has taken him from a team member at Domino’s Pizza, which he left four years later in 2006 as Assistant Manager to join Subway at the same level. In 2008, he began driving for Rama Krishna Tours & Travel before leaving in 2011, when he joined Natura as Driver & Office Manager.

The next few years saw a growing love for this exciting industry such that under Avishkar and Gaurang’s guidance and mentoring, he completed a Basic Mountaineering Course with an A Grade for a high altitude summit of 15,800ft in 2015. Today, he also works as a rigger and assists Shyam in maintaining the gear and equipment.