Natura Adventure Challenge Tower

The Natura Adventure Challenge Tower (N-ACT) is the perfect way to bring adventure into Resorts, malls and other space-conscious areas.

A specially-built modular Multi Activity / Multi Capacity structure about 40 feet high, offers a chance to rig up adventure activities which would otherwise be impossible to conduct at the location. With a maximum footprint of 40ftX40ft and a variable height of up to just 40ft, the ACT works excellently for special events and promotions, both outdoors as well as indoors (in high-ceiling hangars, malls, stadia etc)

[youtube id=”fBTasWdxAyk” width=”320″ height=”240″ align=”left”]

[youtube id=”VchR_DK1Oiw” width=”320″ height=”240″ align=”right”]

Features of  Natura Adventure Challenge Tower

The Natura – Adventure Challenge Tower (ACT) is a copyrighted, first-of-its-kind proprietary design that employs high-grade Trussing segments to put together a unique structure  specifically targeted at the Events & Promotions industry. This structure offers:


  • Higher ease of Set-up & Transport
  • Variable height & therefore variable intensity for all activities
  • Option to add multiple Rope-based activities in the main structure
  • Option to add additional activities with minimal enhancements to the structure
  • All-weather Capability
  • High Visual Impact with Multiple, impossible-to-miss branding areas
  • High Structural Stability and Overall operations as per International Safety Standards
  • Ability to engage 16 individuals at a time with an average turn-around of under 15 minutes per batch