Aerial Trilogy at a Ring Ceremony in Pune

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Aerial Trilogy and a Ring Ceremony in Pune – Magic Everywhere!

Every ring and engagement ceremony is a wonderful experience – It’s thrilling for the couple personally, and all the stunning entertainment acts make it great for the rest of the attendees! Throw in a cool December evening at an outdoor venue in Pune and you’ve got a night of magic to remember.
Bold Marketing, the agency organizing this evening for Dhiraj and Mittal, had suggested an aerial act as the opening act for the evening. Having finalized the plan, it was then time to find people who could do the aerial entertaining, and people who could get said entertainers up there! A quick internet search led Bold Marketing straight to us (and rightly so, eh?).


They were looking for a reasonably short-duration act. We thought our “Aerial Trilogy”, with its three sequences of 4-5 minutes each, would be perfect. Since they did too, we quickly found our performers and everyone set off to Pune. We got to the Corinthians Club and did our setup on the 26th…nothing fancy; all the usual stuff we need for a Silk, Cube and Ring performance. But between setup and making checking everything over, we wound up at midnight!


After the late night, everyone was up and at ‘em the next morning for tech rehearsals and before we knew it, it was evening and show time! The magic began with Khyati Thapliyal began a solo on the Silk during which she was joined by Sanjay Khan for a riveting duo performance on the Silk and the Cube. The final touch was a solo finale by Sanjay on the Ring.

Not bad at all for a quick setup and just a few hours rehearsal! And best of all, good reviews from everyone. You know you did good when the agency says they’re gonna pitch you to their other clients too!

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