Artificial Rock Climbing Wall

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The Artificial Rock Climbing Wall is a chance for individuals to experience the challenge and triumph of scaling a wall, without actually having to head out into the great outdoors. Instead, we put together an artificial structure that allows them to climb to their hearts’ content in an urban setting.We offer two variations – a modular wall and a mobile version. The modular wall is a 30ft high x 24ft wide structure (with variable height) that allows six individual to participate simultaneously, and offers rock climbing and rappelling experiences of varying levels of difficulty. The mobile wall is a much smaller rock climbing wall, 20ft x 6ft, which allows only two people at a time, one on either side. Both formats are quick and easy to set up (8 – 18 hours, depending on the chosen format) and transport.

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  1. Hi
    i am based in Mumbai
    i would like to set up a 7 ft wide X 8 foot high wall in my home.
    Please give me a cost and time estimate

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