BMW Series 5 Launch

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The new BMW series 6 launch came with new challenges for Natura, some unknown territories that were dived into and excelled at. The event came in with a twist of Team Natura being a part of the event at the planning stage itself. Orange production with Encompass got us on board with a prime objective to come up with a mother grid design which will appropriately distribute the load of the hanging elements over the roof and will still be within the load limits defined by the venue – DOME. Extensive calculation sessions were done by the Natura team to map the requirements against the availability of the load points.

To achieve the setup in the limited time span given by the client 2 teams of 8 riggers each was made, who worked round the clock in shifts of 14 hrs each, with the 2 Hour overlap between the changes of shifts which allowed a seamless handover. This was one of the major obstacles that could have hampered the event but because of the attentivity of the team during the initial planning stage, it was foreseen and avoided. A chance of any miscommunication that could happen during the setup was avoided due to good planning.

A little about the set up:
There were total 8 LED boxes that needed to be hung from the roof throughout the set with varying sizes: (5mt X 5mtr, 4mtr X 4mtr, 3mtr X 3mtr). Apart from the LED Boxes, lights, sound, projectors and a chandelier type of truss structure was also needed that would be hung on the centre of the stage.

The weight of these led boxes ranged between 700kg to 1200kgs, it was important to distribute the load of all the hanging elements evenly over the roof, otherwise it would have been a serious safety issue, as individually the loads of these elements were exceeding the point load limits communicated to us by the DOME Engineering Team. Also, besides the hanging elements, the self-weight of the trussing which was being used to create a mother grid needed to be part of the calculations.

One of the best takeaways for us after working on this project was that everyone worked as a team. The lines between an event agency, production agency, and various vendor partners were blurred an everyone worked as a single team to plan and execute the event. If it wasn’t that way, it would have been a difficult task to finish such a technically challenging project before time and with such precision as a lot of other vendors depended on Natura to finish their work on time. All the communication between various stakeholders was seamless and there was no scope of miscommunication as the plan created by the team was printed and put across for everyone to refer to.

This project was unique and something different from the regular services we offer. It also, gave us the confidence to undertake other such projects and deliver something new to the client and uphold the faith our clients have in us.

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