Natura Adventure Challenge Tower

A copyrighted, first-of-its-kind proprietary design by Natura, the Natura Adventure Challenge Tower (ACT) is an excellent way to take adventure into areas with a reasonable amount of space. Whether it’s in malls, parking lots, or inside a building (assuming there’s enough height and breadth available), this structure allows for the rigging of adventure activities that […]

Artificial Rock Climbing Wall

The Artificial Rock Climbing Wall is a chance for individuals to experience the challenge and triumph of scaling a wall, without actually having to head out into the great outdoors. Instead, we put together an artificial structure that allows them to climb to their hearts’ content in an urban setting.We offer two variations – a […]

Airplay Arena

Initially conceived as an Airplay Festival (also a Natura innovation) which comprised a series of aerial activities conducted across multiple sessions, the Airplay Arena is a smaller, more mobile version of the original format. Needing only a small amount of space (50ft x 50ft) and quick to set up, thanks to portable and modular infrastructure, […]

Adventure Based Experiential Learning (ABEL)

The best way to learn life (and even business) lessons is the way we did when we were younger – play the games, live the experiences and learn about yourself and then apply those lessons to your life, your work, and even your basic approach to new situations.We organize customized adventure based experiential learning sessions […]

Permanent Installations

Given the growing popularity and demand for adventure experiences that are more than just a one-off, you may want to consider a permanent installation. Perfect for schools, malls, and especially gyms and club houses at new and large residential complexes, we can design and create permanent adventure tower setups that offer zip lines and adventure […]

Adventure Consultants

Adventure is taking over our entertainment, be it an adventure festival, an adventure-based reality show, or a thrilling daredevil sequence in a television show, movie or commercial. With our expertise, we can help you conceptualize it, design it and execute it with perfection and above all, safety!