Between Heaven and Earth

Between heaven and earth is where the angels live, because who else could move through the air like they do? Our very own angels draw you in with a dazzling display of dance skills and superb control as they twist, turn, and move within, around and below the Aerial Cube before transitioning smoothly to the […]

Aerial Temptation

Similar and yet entirely different from the “Wonders on Silk”, this act is pure pageantry, combining the ethereal grace of aerial silks and the balance and acrobatics of a central high trapeze or hoop. Watching the graceful interplay between the artists as well as the beauty of each element individually, as they perform elegant moves […]

Tale of True Love

Playing out across two levels, this act has an almost interactive element as it invites the audience to not only watch the performance, but also feel like they’re almost a part of it as well. Fluidly moving between the audience and the stage, two performers engage in a dreamy celebration of romantic movements and music […]


Why dance, walk and jump on the floor or even in the air when you can do it on the side of a building or against a screen? An amazing test of the artists’ skill and balance, not to mention making a breathtaking visual, this act features the harnessed aerial artists performing perpendicular to the […]

Silk Spin

When the wonder of aerial skill meets the joyful dream of assisted flight, magic is made; and the Silk Spin is truly nothing short of magic! The control and grace displayed by the three aerial performers as they twist and turn while simultaneously revolving around a central performer (or an object in the centre) is […]

Wonders on Silk

Stunning may be the only word that does this act justice. Watching the central couple’s routine of sinuous, intricate movements on a dual silk cloth accentuated by an aerial dancer on either side performing their own dazzling drops and rolls gives you an unprecedented understanding of just how graceful we humans can be when gravity […]

Aerial Trilogy

The Aerial Trilogy is a beautiful and flawless melding of three separate aerial acts into one segment. In the space of a few minutes, you are treated to the divine grace of two artists as they twist, float and free fall together and solo in a breathtaking display of aerial art using the Aero Cube, […]