Flying Silk

A favorite when it comes to shows and live events, nothing heightens the excitement like the elegance of a celebrity flying silk entry. Initiated by Terence Lewis, this awe-inspiring entry is a vision of silk, fluid movement and grace. The fun part here is that you don’t need much aerial experience for this…we harness you […]

MI Drop

Sometimes, even a “flying” entry isn’t what you have in mind…especially if you’re an action movie buff! Who’s watched Mission Impossible and not imagined doing that iconic Tom Cruise jump? Definitely an eye catching entry, dropping dramatically down from the ceiling, this is a great one for your star entry or even for the groom […]


Another great entry, especially for your celebrity (which could be your CEO or MD too!), is to Zipline them in over the audience. No one expects it; it’s a neat, grand entry; and it’s got oomph! Like the Magic Carpet, you zoom over your audience towards the stage, but this time, there there’s no prop; […]

Cross Travel(Swing)

A cross travel swing entry is spectacular for celebrity entries at live events. Whether your actress is perched daintily on the swing, or your hero comes swinging in, striking a macho pose on the platform, this is one to drive the audience wild!Also a sideways and up and down movement entry.

Cross Travel(Boat Prop)

A fun way to have the flying carpet feeling while still setting down onstage is the cross travel via boat. Now this is a great entry for a show…float elegantly across the stage and then gently set down in front of your audience.Like the flying carpet, you have sideways movement along with an up and […]

Magic Carpet

This is your chance to live your favorite Aladdin fantasy. Perfect especially for a bride and groom, there isn’t a more magical way to start the festivities than for you to float romantically over your oooh-ing and aaah-ing audience towards the stage and then gracefully glide down to land…this is a great way to bring […]

Moon Prop

Is there anything more dramatic or romantic (especially like the old Bollywood films) than making your entrance on a life-sized moon prop? That’s how you grab center-stage at your event!The prop movement here is up and down only.


If you’re looking for a slow, dignified entry, a jhoola (swing), varmala platform, etc. is what you need. Picture the grand moment when you descend from on high, stunning your audience with the majesty, grace and drama of it all!This entry is strictly up and down movement.