Helmets, Gloves & Safety Shoes

We’re ever safety conscious and make sure that everyone on a high-impact site are kitted out in the requisite helmets, gloves and safety shoes. We’ve even gone so far as to buy safety shoes that are masked as casual shoes and no one is able to tell the difference. That’s being fashion-conscious and careful!

Industrial Tensioning Device

Tensioning devices are used to create the tension in taut line systems or Zipline. Rather than doing this the old-school way – with a whole group of people pulling on the rope until it has the needed tension – this self-locking device gently accomplishes the same goal by tightening the rope in a controlled manner […]

Travelling Skates / Trolleys

We use “travelling skates or trolleys” for our cross-travel systems (which move people or props from point A to point B) – basically, they’re a metal piece of equipment which runs on the cable. This gear isn’t available off the shelf; Natura designs what we need and then has it manufactured locally, ensuring that the […]

Load Cells

Load cells are a very advanced piece of equipment that monitors the load on our high tension systems. This system allows us to monitor and understand how the different forces work on our systems and factor that into future jobs for a more efficient setup. We get them manufactured locally but also source them from […]


Whether it’s for our riggers’ safety while they work or we’re using it for our performances, our harnesses are quite an important part of our gear. We have a huge variety of them – jerk vests, bikini harnesses, sit harnesses, full-body harnesses, chest harnesses etc. As they play an important role in keeping our person […]

Winches and Motors

Given how often we hoist people, props and everything else into the air, and how long we have to keep them up there, we definitely need the best in winches and motors. We have a large variety of winches that offer variable lifting capacities and speeds. We had the good fortune to find an Italian […]

Hardware – mountaineering or industrial safety devices

Any and all our metal pieces of equipment, we deem “hardware”. This covers things like carabiners, D shackles, belay Devices, and ascenders and descenders for vertical movement. Every one of our hardware pieces are certified and rated for mountaineering / industrial safety, certified for static loads under EN standards and dynamic loads under UIAA standards; […]


Everyone knows ropes and how to use them, sure; but for the kind of work we do, we use nothing other than Dynex ropes – it’s called “soft steel” simply because it’s as strong as steel despite being a fiber rope. One of the most expensive ropes in the market, it’s largely not available in […]