ProLyft expands its service offering in India with Natura RigTech

Prolyte Asia Pacific, part of the Prolyte Group, has partnered up with Natura RigTech in order to expand its ProLyft service to the entertainment industry in India and provide all its Service Point related services with immediate effect. The goal of these Service Points (SPs) is to offer a trained team of professional technicians that are capable of […]

RigSafe Day – Safety above everything

  Significance of RigSafe day There is always a considerable amount of risk involved in flying, ask Superman, it took him about 25 years. As the scale of venues and events are getting bigger, the rigging risk is also increasing. United States Institute for Theater Technology initiated to have a day famously dedicated to rigging […]

Certified Equipment

Every piece of equipment used by Natura is state-of-the-art, most of the specialized equipment is tested and certified ready for use. In its usage, we ensure that we have studied the relevant international standards and are operating within the recommendations given therein and by the equipment manufacturers. Here also, we maintain detailed logs for reference […]

Transparent Processes & Management

We work according to pre-determined protocols, with every person assigned a pre-set role. Every step is supported by adequate documentation such as safety checklists, equipment logs, liability forms, etc. which not only communicate the level of knowledge and expertise involved, but also forms the basis for further learning and improvement on future jobs, thanks to […]

Open Communication

On every job, our team lead maintains clear and open communication with the client, vendors and performers which helps us get their own buy-in and commitment to the same safety standards.


Each member of our personnel are experienced and qualified in their own right, and work constantly to keep their skills and qualifications up to date in a quickly evolving industry.