Neha Bhasin, Actress & Singer

“Natura is one of the most professional teams I’ve worked with. They are striving towards perfection and doing something challenging and I absolutely love that about them. I’m very privileged to work with Natura.”

Avik Prabhu, Director, Showtime Group

“Understanding the Natura’s process, in the way they work, in the science they use, in the equipment they use gives me a piece of mind in terms of understanding the process. The commitment Natura shows in getting the job done as a team is unmatched and that is what makes Natura’s contribution to an event […]

Rajesh KV, CAB

“You can’t get a better partner than Natura to really push the creative ideas and making them possible. On a project like Lakme, Natura showed capability of making a star(Shraddha Kapoor) who has fear of height, feel absolutely comfortable and safe. I trust them with their safety and with CAB, they are partners for life.”

Roshan Abbas, MD, Geometry Global Encompass

“To able to try anything new on stage is challenging, and to see Natura constantly breaking boundaries and trying something new is very thrilling for an event manager. It takes a lot of tension out for event mangers and also makes the performance palatable and fun to enjoy.”

Shraddha Kapoor, Actress

“Natura made me feel safe, confident and I didn’t feel like leaving(the site) at all. I felt so secure that you guys have kicked my fear of height! The main thing is to feel to safe and that is what happened with our performance. I didn’t know such a rigging team existed in India and […]

Samit Garg, CEO, E-Factor Entertainment

“Overall the act was brilliant. The best part was the balancing and the movement of the triangular contraption(Act- Silk Spin). This is what innovation is all about, Natura is adding new dimensions, creating different levels on one stage. Natura makes me feel sorted as far as safety is concerned.”

Mayuri Upadhya, Artistic Director, Nritarutya

“All of you, as usual are hardworking, highly professional, very skilled and very knowledgeable in what you are doing. So its always easy for us dancers to trust you when we are doing this. Thank you for making my dream a reality because of all the possible visuals you could create for us.”