Flying FX Rigging for Shraddha Kapoor at Lakme Event in Mumbai

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#SoWeightless is Lakme’s new Product and Its Brand Ambassador!

For the media launch and shoot of Lakme’s new foundation product, the Lakme 9to5 Weightless Mousse Foundation, the brand wanted a spectacle that would bring to life the product tagline “#SoWeightless”. And what does that better than a gravity-defying vertical dance performance on the face of a building?


CAB Experiences, the event agency, brought down the international act “Bandaloop”, pioneers in the area of vertical dance performances, who have truly stunning body of work, from the US to do just that on the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai on Jan 9. Given our expertise in executing vertical feats (our own or arranging for someone else to do it) Natura was brought on board to handle the rigging for Shraddha Kapoor, Lakme’s brand ambassador, who would also be part of the performance.


Of course, stringing Ms. Kapoor up (pardon the pun) was not our only role for this spectacle. After all, without the relevant banners, these are just people dancing on the side of a building and no one knows why! So, we also rigged two 4x100ft banners on the building, which could be easily raised and lowered on the building with a motor (we think they added a certain something to the performance *wink*).

The end result of all our work, and Bandaloop’s of course, was a breathtaking feat of ethereal choreography and aerial brilliance, topped off beautifully with Shraddha as the crowning touch. Now that’s how you do weightless!

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