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Cruising on a Harley Davidson on the streets is no doubt a thrill, but what if these machines could rule mid-air? That’s exactly what happened at the Harley Rock Riders Season V Concert at Richardson & Cruddas, Byculla.
Natura was asked to take the concert to another level as the organisers, Harley Davidson and nh7, wanted the mean machines to fly low over the main stage. The very idea of Harley Davidson bikes commanding power in mid-air got our crew to jump to the task. But with great Harleys, came great challenges.

Harley Davidson rigged at Harley Rock Riders Season V by Natura

The preparations started with questions concerning the heavy weighing bikes and them being suspended exactly over the stage. It was time to bring out every last expertise on the table and start putting the types of equipment in action. After long hours of planning, rappelling, mock runs and a dozen coffees, the team finally stood confidently on the D-day.
As the sun set on 15th November, the two beasts Iron 883 and Street Bob slid down from the top in style and hung handsomely above the stage, driving the audience into sheer excitement. The knights in shining metal added to the heart-thumping performances for the entire 2 days. One hell of a ride!