Natura Adventure Challenge Tower

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A copyrighted, first-of-its-kind proprietary design by Natura, the Natura Adventure Challenge Tower (ACT) is an excellent way to take adventure into areas with a reasonable amount of space. Whether it’s in malls, parking lots, or inside a building (assuming there’s enough height and breadth available), this structure allows for the rigging of adventure activities that are otherwise impossible at that location.This specially-built modular Multi-Activity structure has a footprint of 40ft x 40ft, and a variable height of upto 40ft. Ideal for indoor and outdoor events and promotions, and needing only 24 hours to set up, we are able to provide a variety of adventure experiences using the same structure with minimal enhancements – it’s four experiences for up to eight people at a time in one location! Just choose from between The Flying Squirrel, Target Jump, The Cliffhanger, The Wall Scramble, Wilder Woosey, Heebie Jeebie, and Zip Line.

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