Natura delights with Aerial Trophy at the 3rd Pro Kabaddi OC

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When the Natura team gets to be part of mega national events it gives us a real adrenaline kick!

This is exactly what happened when DNA Networks called us for the opening ceremony of the 3rd season of the Pro Kabaddi League which took place at the Rajiv Ghandi Indoor Stadium, Vizag.


It was a starry affair with A-lister Aamir Khan doing an emotional rendition of the national anthem. Along with famous Tollywood stars and pro dancers we loved being part of the crew!

The job was not supposed to be a stressful one. We had to rig up a platform, which had the trophy hanging in mid-air covered with a black box. And when the platform descends just like a grand revelation the box would disappear and only the trophy would remain on the stage glimmering in all its glory! Sounds simple enough? Well! Not really.

We were given enough time to understand the project, but we were not given any schedule on when we can do the set up and rehearsals.


The Natura team being dutiful as always camped out at the venue until our turn was called. This made us waste a lot of time as we were pretty much doing nothing, but waiting.

Working on the grid that was provided was another hurdle we had to deal with. As the grid kept changing based on lighting and sound arrangements, we were forced to be flexible and change our plans. These are the moments we realize no matter how well we plan, we need to make sure we have a Plan B, C and maybe even a D!

The dancers were required to remove the carabineers which held the box firmly on the trophy during the descent. If this went off smooth the trophy would remain glistening on the stage and the box would disappear into the ceiling.


We were a little nervous wondering if the dancers would be able to pull this off without a glitch. And they did! They were well trained and a pleasure to work with.
All the waiting around paid off when we managed to get a few rehearsals done before the show.

The event was spectacular as predicted and Aamir Khan managed to get us all teary eyed. The second hero that evening was the unveiling of the trophy and it created quite a stir. The behind the scenes Natura team was well appreciated. In spite of the many little bumps we managed a smooth ride.

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