Natura Newsletter #1, 2019-20

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Natura Newsletter 2019-20, 1st quarter

Yet another fiscal year dawned upon us and it was truly the first ray of light that we had been looking for – ‘automated flying rigging’, the sun shone brightly while we proudly announced to the world that we at Natura, were one of the handful of aerial rigging companies in the world that now provided Motion Control Hoist, Winches, Track and Rotators to fly performers, sets and structures for Live Stage Events. A huge leap for Natura which of course meant a huge team to support this move and a strong team to sustain this move, so we went ahead and hired Sujit, Vasini, Priyal and Rahul – it’s been almost three months for most of ya’ll and I do hope your hanging in there, can’t wait to see ya’ll come out of your probation in flying  colours.


We also started this year with KRA reviews, KRA setting – kudos to the TL’s – Rohit, Abhinav, Snehal and Surbhi for managing multiple tasks fairly well  from Ruminate presentation to quarter reports to team assessment- well done guys!!

Rohit took on Gear Team Leader responsibilities, leaving Snehal to focus on Gear Manager tasks.

End of May and June saw a few super interesting projects, one of them was FLY HIGH, Aditi Deshpande’s Annual Aerial Show, as a performer flying rigging company we are constantly on the lookout to partner with events like these, as it increases the awareness of Aerial Performances, which we know takes an event to a different Hight! So thank you Aditi and Team for roping us into the project.

Another first of its kind was the Renault Triber Launch, first car launch in India to use Motion Control and all thanks to Wizcraft and Virtual Vision for trusting us to be part of your super successful event. Another first in the life of Natura was the The Shoot that was produced in house, it was a huge learning experience to work with a professional film crew, thanks to Sherena, Anil and of course Naach -Deboshree for putting the aerialists and dancers together.

We ended the quarter with a hugely successful event that Natura has been associated with for the last five years – Palm Expo, the largest Entertainment Technology expo in the country. This is a space where we are able to showcase are entire gamut of work- form Adventure activities to Aerial performances to Flying LED screens and the works, thank you Ramesh and the entire Palm Expo team for partnering with Natura for The Palm Rigging Live Workshop and for being super accommodating with all our demands!

We are now looking forward to a slower season, in the coming quarter, hopefully taking a breath, introspecting and gearing up for the season to come.