Prolyte Asia Pacific, Natura RigTech and PROTOS start working together in India

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Prolyte Asia and Natura start working together by supplying PROTOS and providing ProLyft servicing for customers in India.

It’s been 11 years since Natura became India’s first and only professional aerial riggers. In this time Natura developed a culture of following protocol and, some would say, an obsession with safety. This so called obsession makes sense when you take founder Avishkar Tendle’s past as an adventuring professional into consideration.

By 2015, Natura started getting asked simply to check, audit and advise on other stage rigging or temporary set-ups.

This gave birth to Natura Safety Consultants, a small team whose sole task was to create protocols and checklists for safety audits for various industries. All this made working with the PROTOS Force Monitoring System an obvious choice.

Frankly NG, Menze Van der Sluis and Avishkar Tendle at Palm Expo 2019

PROTOS started it’s life as a solution to a problem that was recognised by it’s founders Jasper, Cor and Menze van der Sluis. The market showed a clear demand for a competitively priced Force Monitoring System. Deciding to take matters into their own hands, a family business was born to supply this demand.

Being able to measure the load you’re lifting is essential to be able to provide safe working conditions, a philosophy that PROTOS and Natura have in common. Natura’s expertise in rigging also made them a natural choice for becoming a ProLyft service point. Their passion for safe rigging supplemented by extensive service point training provided by Prolyte Asia Pacific ensures the hoists Natura is servicing is in the best possible hands.

Original Article was published on AVL Times.

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