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Anything to do with making people, products or props fly is what we do at Natura. We create special (crazy) flying systems and unique rigging and engineering solutions for our projects, the majority of which are live corporate events, weddings, and shoots. Honestly speaking, there are few in the country who can do we what we do, and the way we do.

Especially in our rigging work, we live by two mottos: “Responsible Play” – even though we play with the tools and equipment to create the perfect rigging solution, we are and will continue to be responsible and 100% safe in all aspects of execution. “The show must go on” – we work heavily in live performances and when things go wrong (and something always does), identify your best possible move to deal with it and carry on

Minimum Qualifications to be a Rigger with Natura

  • A Basic Mountaineering course or minimum 2-3 years’ experience of natural and artificial rock climbing. Experience gained from being on a mountaineering expedition (a commercial expedition will not be counted) is preferred.


  • A Basic / Advanced Rigging course certificate. Crane Operator and Cherry Picker Operation certificates are preferred.
  • Expertise in using Mountaineering and Industrial Safety equipment. Being able to belay a fellow climber is a MUST.
  • Applicants with knowledge of complex rigging, heavy rigging, changing the crane boom and cable, electrical safety, ladder and scaffold safety, introduction to lifting machinery, wire rope basics, basic rigging, fire prevention, sizing of chokers, load charts, cutting torches, and basic knowledge of blueprint reading will be given priority.
  • Applicants must bear in mind that working on live events will involve unpredictable hours; assume a work period of 14 – 16 hours per day. These are all high octane jobs and you will have to maintain a high level of energy through the day while working in high-pressure situations with time constraints.


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