RigSafe Day – Safety above everything

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Significance of RigSafe day

There is always a considerable amount of risk involved in flying, ask Superman, it took him about 25 years. As the scale of venues and events are getting bigger, the rigging risk is also increasing.

United States Institute for Theater Technology initiated to have a day famously dedicated to rigging safety, which is inherently about contemplating systems and protocols. It makes an individual or an organisation introspect about the relevancy and how the safety systems can be taken to the next level.

RigSafe day is also about reminding people that no matter how important the event is, there is nothing more precious than life and there is absolutely no reason to climb any heights if the safety is not ensured. It is also about celebrating the practical Spidermen (using a rope instead of relying on instinct) of the world, who work tirelessly behind the scenes of events to give the audience a visual spectacle on the stage.

Safety briefing conducted by Natura Programme Director before an event.


Strategic methodologies to step-up rigging safety

Natura has been ensuring the highest safety standards of rigging in India and the reason is because it has always adopted the very latest of global standards and protocols.

To ensure safety for the riggers and artists in the act, Natura uses some of the most certified and state-of-the-art equipment in the world, which are generally not seen in the country.


One of the ways to ensure safety includes creating constant back up plans and learning new ways through safety workshops and educational courses from around the globe. To address upgrading of performer’s flying safety, Natura has invested in Motion Control Technology. These systems have a central command center which has in-built multiple safety features including  load cells that would caution the device soon as the lifted weight is getting beyond the safety parameters.

Team Natura


Advisable protocol to ensure safety

Events are high pressure environment and there are time constraints in performing the tasks, having said that, if a rigger is feeling that it’s not safe to climb at a certain place than he/she should raise their concerns to avoid exhaustion led error. Avishkar Tendle (Managing Director) of Natura believes that, #RigSafe day makes Natura consciously think of and upgrade the rigging safety protocols, while introspecting on what has been implemented internally and what has not been, it also creates an opportunity to check on what has been happening around the globe from the point of view of improving rigging safety . To have real world implications of this philosophy, Natura has maintained a tradition for the past 5 years and still continues to conduct work at height workshops at the Mumbai Palm Expo.


It should be the first and foremost goal of any one who is associated with events be it a vendor or an event planner to make sure that the safety of an individual is not compromised, while enough time and resources are given to people so that they can rig themselves properly and give the audience a great show.


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