Terence Lewis’s Aerial Entry at IFFI 2015 Opening Cermeony

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Trussing it Up for TLCDC at the 46th IFFI

For TLCDC’s performance at the 46th IFFI in Goa, they’d included their two signature aerial acts – Terence Lewis’s “Flying Silk” and Manik Paul’s “Ring of Faith”. Since Natura has worked on these aerial segments from the beginning (preferred riggers and all…), we were also involved in this event.
Honestly, this is a setup we’ve done more times than we remember – it’s easy and both acts can be done with the same rigging. The show was on the 20th and we’d set up on the 18th…nothing unusual expected. Right?…Wrong!
After a delayed flight, by the time Gaurang made it to the venue, the trussing was
up and it was too late to do anything, if needed…and boy, was it needed!

Problem 1 – the trussing we’d requested at the meeting was not what we got; Problem 2 – the erected structure was incredibly shaky. We could forget about a standard setup, this was now a big rigging project!


On sight, Gaurang knew this would need solid work and the first thing he did was to secure the central part of the truss to the roof (thank god for indoor stadiums!). While this steadied it slightly, the structure was still wobbling around and the event team understandably freaked out during Terrence’s rehearsal on the 19th – they wanted us to stop and fix it right then, but when Terrence was jetting off to Delhi just minutes later, we didn’t have the time! Besides, we knew the structure would work for rehearsal and securing could be done after.


We’d already asked the event team to buy more inventory; since this was a majorly high profile event (the last thing anyone wanted was for the VIPs to think it was dangerous!), they were more than happy to buy all materials we needed! After Terence left, we started securing the structure. We connected two more lines to the central bar on the roof and secured the corners to the concrete pillars. We also cross-braced all the pillars of the truss to stop all internal movement…with all our backups and our backups’ backups, even if anything failed, this structure was staying put! And it did.

While this was a situation we hadn’t foreseen, you could say we successfully rose to the occasion (hehe). Chalk up another win for Natura!

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