Welcome to Wonderflip

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This is our world of circus.

A magical circus, that was all about performing arts and music, Wonderflip was a festival held in the rustic, rural village of Khempur, close to Udaipur. An experience of three nights and four days, felt like it was straight out of a fairy tale. A world filled with fantastic art, gourmet food and dancing under the stars.

We flew down on the 7th of November to Udaipur and it was a very exciting journey from there on, whether it was flying the artists or eating the local food. The energy that the festival had was very enticing. We were brought on board by Ms Aliya Raashid from Festival People as Wonderflip’s Exclusive Rigging Partners for the Event, at the recommendation of one of our favourite, regular clients – Natya Nectar. We rigged 3 motorised systems and 2 paging lines for the aerial acts designed by Natya Nectar. These acts were performed above the audience while the DJ belted out his set.

Let us take you through how it all unfolded.

The 2 motorized systems were on the furthest corner of the truss when facing the stage and 1 motorized system was rigged in the centre ahead along with a podium. The other two corners closer to the stage had paging lines for the Aerial props and a podium for the artist to stand and perform on.

The series of performances included fire, aerial hoop, silk and malkhamb, all of which were happening simultaneously on the various placements mentioned above. The extremely talented team from Natya Nectar and Goura Prema put on a spectacular performance each day keeping the core theme of the festival in mind, Circus…..Circus…..Circus and assisting them in bringing their ideas to life gave us the Natura Team a huge sense of fulfilment. It was interesting to see how each performance was different from the other, yet woven into a beautiful theme.

Though there were some delays in the rehearsals, we knew how to work around it as we had worked with Natya Nectar in the past and knew their working style and knew what needed to be done to the get the show back on the road, the performance turned out to be a flawless one. We also made sure that we got enough practice time with the artists over the next few days.

After the show, we realized that there was a large scope of improvement for the coming years and how we could all benefit from this amazing partnership, that had been formed by sheer coincidence.

In the end, everyone was very happy with the execution and the precision that we were all able to achieve, 3 days of the event turned into a huge success. The Natura team came back with a huge smile on their faces after having delivered yet another successful project.