Q&A with Gaurang about #RigSafe

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What is #RigSafe all about?

#RigSafe is a short form for Rigging Safety, it’s an initiative started by USITT http://www.usitt.org/rigsafe/. The aim is to promote Rigging safety around the world.

What prompted Natura to follow #RigSafe?

Being the only professional rigging company of India, it is but natural for Natura to lead and promote #Rigging Safety in India, considering the grim realistic rigging practices that are followed in the industry.

Considering #RigSafe is an international effort, how do you think we can bring it to the Indian market and educate people?

Rigging safety is common all across the world, by taking up more workshops and leading by examples, Natura can set the standards for Rigging safety in India. By ensuring we walk the talk, and implement the rigging safety aspects in our own projects, even the clients will expect the same standards from someone other than Natura and thus being the catalyst for a change in the industry.