Winches and Motors

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Given how often we hoist people, props and everything else into the air, and how long we have to keep them up there, we definitely need the best in winches and motors. We have a large variety of winches that offer variable lifting capacities and speeds. We had the good fortune to find an Italian company that manufactures electric and hydraulic motors , This company custom designs our equipment based on our equipment and conforming to our given specifications – international standards and totally unique; it’s a sweet deal!

As an added measure, we also derate our winches or a hoist for human flying. For example, if the manufacturer produces a hoist for us that is certified for 1,000kgs, we derate it for human flying by applying a minimum safety factor ratio of 1:3 and maximum of 1:10; what that translates to is that every time we have to fly a human being on a 1,000kg-rated hoist, we allow only 200kgs to be lifted (artist + Prop), and if the act has a lot of dynamic drops and falls – like in an aerial silk act – we would only allow 100kgs (the weight of the artist alone).

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